New Anthology on Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem today bursts with new life in its hospitals, its science parks, its colleges, its arts shops and galleries and its bustling downtown evenings; and yet bears witness to its long history. Taking Flight, Winston-Salem in Prose and Poetry, celebrates the city from its 1750's Moravian settlers to its 2010 ballpark, and features the winners of the Winston-Salem Writers' 2011 Contest - an open contest judged by Joseph Mills (Poetry), Ginger Hendricks (Flash Fiction), Leigh Somerville (Short Story), Anna Fields (Creative Nonfiction) and Emily-Sarah Lineback (Overall Winner). First Place winners were Robin Chalkley (Flash Fiction), Arthur Hondros (Creative Nonfiction and Overall Winner) and Claude Limoges (Poetry and Short Story). Other winners included are Barbara Engler Buskirk, Bonnie Davis, David Hill, John Korzen, Tony R. Lindsay, Kathy H. Mendenhall, Steve Mitchell, Ray Morrison, Bill Pfefferkorn and Jennifer L. Stevenson. The anthology is edited by Carol Roan and Susan Williamson.

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